Do you want to get involved? – We Do

OK we have been approached by The Undulate Ray Project to help them complete some surveys.  We will also be working for the Shark Trust!

For us this simply means going diving on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and weekends, just as we always do ,but to pay attention to any Undulate Rays or Ray Egg Cases we see and reporting them at the end of the dive to whoever is running the Boat, we can then deal with the actual reporting.

If we can get any images that will positively ID each Ray as well, which will be a bonus.

Some of you may remember the Black Bream Project, with Matt Doggett, this seems to be a bit of a spin off from that, but all running it seem to be volunteers for the Undulate Ray Project.

OK so there is a bit more to it than that.  We all have to learn about the different types of Ray we are looking at, and the different Egg Cases, but trust me it is not Rocket Science, or Kev would not be suitable!

I have had a preliminary meeting and it seems we are a prime group for recording and doing our bit, as we dive just where they need data.

As we will also be providing Data for the Shark Trust at the same time we are tying in a Project Aware Shark Conversation Speciality. 

We will have a couple of presentations.  The first one should be the standard talk at the NOC, as The Project are looking at presenting on the 6th April in the evening, followed by a meal at Banana Wharf?

Don’t panic if you can’t make that, as we will at some point be doing the Project Aware thing, and then the Undulate Ray Project have sort of agreed to come and give us a private talk at the Dive Centre one night when we get into the season a bit.

So cost to you is only £30.00 for the Project Aware Certification, or you can use it as your Club Certification and we will give it to you for FREE,  if you take part in a dive this year that qualifies, ie a Tuesday a Thursday or a weekend, and a bit of time for the presentations.  Other than that you need to go diving with your eyes open and let us know what you see,  and as well as contributing to the survey you will get the AWARE Shark Conversation Certification. 

It has the word SHARK on it so it must be cool!