With the weather keeping us all out of the salty stuff for a few weeks, this was the perfect time for some of the club members to have a talk and then an opportunity for ago on the newly released VMS Redhead Rebreather.

Watching hard

First a Great talk given by Tim at the dive centre. Showing us how it works pulling it all apart and showing us how it goes back together, along with all the new great features that have been built into the unit as standard. Recon we think even Kev would have a hard time breaking this one?

Next Rebreather Divers
Once at the pool Tim’s audience seemed to change slightly! We roped him into showing all the Youth Divers who were completing their Adventure Workshop on deep diving at the same time.

Try Dives

Once the safety brief was given by Tim, Martin and Tye from Vobster Marine Services and all the paperwork signed it was time to hit the water. For most this was the first time diving without bubbles!

Swim Time

Once under the water a bailout drill was performed then off for a swim at all times under direct supervision whilst swimming under there. With the youth divers doing their deep adventure workshop dive at the same time, this meant it was one of those rare occasions where more Tech diving kit was in the pool than standard scuba gear!

Rebreather try dive

With 5 Redbear units in the pool all night working flawlessly much fun was had. With very little breathing resistance in any position that could be gotten into and a great swimming position easily attained even in the pool.

Twinset Diving

We had youth divers practicing with twin sets and stages and the new rebreather try divers so in the middle of that Dani and Kev were teaching some PADI Confined Open Water students. A great pool session with lots of interest.


Big thanks to the guys from Vobster Marine Services for spending their Friday night working for us all to have fun! Which by a the smiley faces in the pub lots was had.