Flippas-n-Fins Shop

Visit the shop for all your equipment needs, servicing and fills.

At Flippas-n-Fins we can accommodate a wide range of needs when it comes to both maintaining existing equipment and buying new.

With a compressor in house we are able fill air to 300 bar (including airgun cylinders) including nitrox and trimix to 300 bar.  As well as filling, we can service cylinders with both visual or hydraulic inspection and O2 cleaning, for any cylinders needing some love we are also able to shot blast cylinders in house.

If you’re looking for something specific that we don’t currently have in stock, we are able to order products in from any of our many dealers and let you know when they arrive, this includes anything from torches and other accessories to cylinders and regulators.

Our capable staff are also able to service most brands of BCD and regulator, as well any other equipment such as computers.


We stock equipment from the latest brands