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BOAT DIVES Southbourne, Swanage and Beyond...

What we want to do is keep you all Diving.  So why not book a dive?

Have a look at the list below and see if you fancy one of the Dives or Dive Days.

Add it to your basket and book on.  (Tuesday and Thursday evening dives can only be booked by calling the Dive Centre Direct).  If you are on a mobile device sometimes the system will only allow you to pay using PayPal.  So either transfer to a desktop or give us a call if this is not suitable.

You must be qualified to the seabed depth listed to complete the Dive, and certifications will be checked.

We are not a Buddy finding service but if you book on without a Buddy we will do our best to put you with someone of similar certification and kit configuration.

Self-Reliant Diving is only allowed with suitable Certification and kit configuration.

Payment must be made at the point of booking to secure your space and we will only re-fund if the weather conditions do not allow us to get to appointed sites or we do not reach the minimum numbers required to run the dive.

If the weather does close in on us we may have to change the wreck but it will be at a similar depth if possible, however we will be in touch to discuss options if this happens.

If you would prefer, you can call the Dive Centre on 01202 666118, and book on and pay over the phone.

We are happy for you to find your own replacement as a substitute by agreement.

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