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THURSDAY EVENINGS Southbourne, Swanage and Beyond...

Why not try a Thursday Evening Dive?

We leave Poole Quay from Ferry Steps using Charter Boat Rocket, every other Thursday in the slow season but every Thursday once the summer kicks in; providing weather and Sea conditions allow.

Thursdays tend to be the shallower of the evening dives, it just works that way!

We tend not to decide where we are going until close to the time, unless we have a suitable tide for a Wreck, as we review the weather, tides and who is booked on and dive accordingly.

Parking is FOC at the Dive Center, and although not mandatory we tend to end up at the Yaughtsman after we get back.

If you are on, you have a rolling booking, if you are not on get your name on the waiting list.  You can’t Cherry Pick the Wrecks, you have to come diving!  If you are on the waiting list be aware that Poole Divers members go straight to the top of the list.  Non-members can then fill any further available spaces.